About Forest View Farm

Chris and Sarah have really grown to love the British Lop breed and have recently become life time members of the British Lop society.

Sarah looks after the weaners and deals with all the paperwork, she recently took over as mum hand rearing a litter of 9 (Lop cross Saddleback) piglets Unfortunately we lost the sow and one of the piglets due to complications shortly after farrowing which left Sarah with 4 hourly bottle feeding duties. I am pleased to say that all 9  miraculously survived.

Chris has worked endlessly to create a natural yet safe environment for our pigs with an emphasis on free range, ensuring they have plenty of space to roam and forage in open fields and woodland. Take a look at our photo’s and you’ll see what I mean.

We have built  farrowing pens within our barn for winter farrowing and have farrowing arks in the fields for summer events which provide mum and piglets with warmth and security during those first few weeks.

Chris has now established his own British Lop Pig herd, currently holding approximately 50 sows and gilts for breeding. 

We are generally producing approximately 50 weaners and finishers per month both for breeding and future meat sales. Blood lines include Prince, Cornishman and Supreme for Boars and Lulu, Actress, Harmony, Mary and Sunshine for sows.

We have already built up quite a large customer base both for breeding stock and meat especially our popular sausages, Pork, Red Onion and Sage and Old English being some of our best sellers. We also supply local businesses who specialise in selling free range locally produced British Lop pork.

If you view our Gallery you can see some photo’s of our small holding and meet some of our pigs.