British Lop Pigs at Forest View

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In a stunning corner of an idyllic place called the New Forest lies the village of Harbridge which is on the edge of the low meadow land to the west of the River Avon and where Forest View is located.

Forest View is a small holding of 33 acres including woodland, home to Chris and Sarah and their growing herd of British Lop Pigs.

Rarer than the Giant Panda is how TV cook Clarissa Dickson Wright described the British Lop, and she was right. The breed has been listed as endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Their name comes from their long ears which fall over their face. They’re really docile and have lovely nature as well as being very intelligent and the sows make great mums.

So, we thought we’d do our bit to help them survive, what better pigs to move to our lovely small holding. They are far too important for the world to lose don’t you agree? And the meat is just the best, you’ve never really tasted pork until you’ve tried British Lop pork.

You can read all about them on our About Us page.

Contact : Chris Lamb on 01425 654577 / 07917625733
Location: Harbridge Green, Harbridge, Ringwood, Hampshire. BH24 3PT